420 E Redd Rd, El Paso, TX, 79912-1221 
Full service
Cantonese,Hunan Cuisine,American-Chinese

Though newly opened in 2009, China House has gained word-of-mouth due to its appetizing food, attentive service, cozy ambiance and high standard of sanitation.

China House mainly serves Americanized Chinese food with influence from Hunan culture. Its extensive menu includes over one hundred menu items, with Chicken w. Asparagus and Steamed Fish being the best selling dishes. The deft chef turns each seemingly ordinary dish into a piece of art, with vibrant texture and unbeatable flavor.

There has been increased awareness over health and nutrition concerns in the food industry, and restaurateurs must put forth a greater effort to improve their eateries to keep up with the healthy dining trend. However, ever since its grand opening, China House has been serving food prepared with 100% vegetable and less oil and salt. 

Besides palatable food, cleanliness is another deciding factor of a successful restaurant. To maintain the positive effect of its brand, owner Hualing Zhong puts an emphasis on sanitary standards. Neat and clean presentation tells a lot about the restaurant’s character. Staff members clean up the dining, kitchen, and restroom areas on a daily basis, and a complete cleanup of the restaurant is done every week to keep all areas of the restaurant spotless.